What we do

The Lone Star Paralysis Foundation (LSPF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in Austin, Texas. We raise money for paralysis research to support therapy for hundreds of patients. 

Founded in 1979 by our current President, Doug English, our mission is to cure Spinal Cord Paralysis (SCP) through funding research, recovery and recreation (three R's). Over the years, we have achieved milestones within each of the three R’s for those living with spinal cord injury. With the generosity of our donors and support from our community, we are striving to cure SCP this decade.

LSPF is working to move the clock forward on a cure.  We are planning new fundraising initiatives and seeking new research opportunities. Austin receives around 135 new spinal cord injuries each year. In almost every instance, the injured is a young, healthy, active person living life to the fullest when disaster strikes. Their stories are always tales of courage and inspiration. The board of LSPF will continue to donate their time and resources toward the goal of making paralysis from spinal cord injury only a temporary injury.

Our mission is to work ourselves out of business.
— Doug English, President, Lone Star Paralysis Foundation

What we have accomplished 

  • Raised over $400k at the 2016 Lone Star Classic Golf, Gala & Comedy Show
  • Raised almost $55k at Pay it Forward with Daniel Curtis
  • Raised over $40k at Jack Allen's Party on the Patio