The LSPF Scholarship program is aligned to our 3R mission of Research, Recovery, and Recreation.  Funding for rehabilitation is for individuals with paralysis due to complex neurological disease or injury.  Individuals are nominated by physicians and therapists.  The LSPF Scholarship committee will make an eligibility assessment based on the need for funding (no insurance, under insured, co-pay, transportation, equipment, etc).  A physical therapy/occupational therapy evaluation is provided to determine benefit and progress of therapy, patient’s willingness to comply with therapy, continued excellent attendance, open communication between all parties (medical, therapy, patient, family). 


  1. The patient/nominee is referred to Spero Rehab or Easter Seals (Physician form and signature required).

  2. An evaluation is performed to determine need and goals for progress and forms (HIPPA and Evaluation) are completed by one of our therapists.

  3. During the evaluation a discussion will take place concerning all possible funding that needs to be addressed, ie, insurance, TWC, grants, DARS, Medicaid, etc.

  4. Scholarship form is sent to the LSPF committee for discussion and disposition.

 With these scholarship sessions of specialized therapy, The Lone Star Paralysis Foundation is committed to helping the patient towards a path of recovery and fitness that will enable them to pursue regaining their quality of life.  

Living the Dream Scholarship:

The Living the Dream scholarship fund was created to honor and remember Tyler Deets, Julian Mitchell, and Larry Turner. These three individuals were incredible members our Austin spinal cord injury community. 

To request funding, please fill out this form with as much detail as possible with regard to how you will benefit if you receive this scholarship funding. You must reside in the Central Texas area & amounts must not exceed $5000.